Senior Oracle EBS Database Administrator (DBA)

Job Profile: Database Management

Location: San Antonio, TX

**Applicants must be a US Citizen and able to successfully pass a DOD Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) investigation upon starting in position, in order to qualify for placement into a DOD IT-1 position** 

 Job Description:  

This position is for an Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) joining a team of DBAs and a larger diverse team of Information Technology (IT) experts covering all IT aspects to maintain smooth operation of the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) applications and databases supporting over 935,000+ Department of Defense (DoD) civilian personnel records and online users. DCPDS is a highly available 24/7, mission critical, Human Resource (HR) enterprise computing system. DCPDS is centered upon the Oracle R12 eBusiness application suite on top of Oracle 12c databases with added custom software to meet DCPDS specific DoD needs. DCPDS DBAs also maintain additional DCPDS enterprise systems to include the DCPDS portal, the DCPDS Corporate Management Information System data warehouses, and the DCPDS External Interface Transfer System (EXITS). The DCPDS portal provides Reduced Sign On (RSO) authentication to the DCPDS suite utilizing the JBOSS application server and Oracle Fusion Middleware application server suite of Oracle Internet Directory (OID), Oracle Access Manager (OAM), WebGate, and Access Gate.


Primary Responsibilities:

DCPDS DBAs implement and maintain physical design of databases. Review database design and integration of systems, provide backup recovery and make recommendations regarding enhancements and/or improvements. Maintain security and integrity controls. Monitor transaction activity and utilization. Responsibilities include: database loading; development and management of operational procedures; environment management; database health (e.g. monitoring, proactive and reactive responses); resource planning; application and database upgrade planning; backup and recovery strategy planning and implementation; environment transition planning (development, test, stage, production).

Basic Qualifications:

  • Successfully pass a DOD Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) investigation upon starting in position, in order to qualify for placement into a DOD IT-1 position 
  • Possess and maintain a current Security+ CE certification (or higher) upon starting in position 
  • Working knowledge within Linux operating system to install, troubleshoot, and maintain applications
  • Working knowledge of Oracle database administration with 12c databases
  • A clear understanding of Oracle application and database architecture
  • Knowledge of SQL query development and tuning
  • Sound knowledge of application development and support

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with R12 eBusiness Suite application administration.
  • Experience with Oracle Fusion Middleware applications.
  • Experience with Office Productivity products
  • Good communications skills
  • Familiarity with software development processes
  • Ability to self-direct

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